Saturday, May 10, 2014

2013-08-16: *Time Machine Post*

Sattelite yard:

2013-08-16 15.13.35 Bee Inspect at Satellite Yard

Goldenrod:  Pollen being carried in, brood in medium super.
    -Cut out the capped drone brood.  Noted nectar dripping out.  Also noted that it was filled with mites!  Possibly because drone laying restored so would be very attractive to the mites, but still this is a sign that this hive should be medicated.

2013-08-16 15.52.17 Bee Inspect at Satellite Yard
    -Other Medium was bare foundation.
    -Placed a Queen excluder underneath the bare super to keep the queen from laying up there as well.  Next week make sure the Queen is gone from the supers and move the excluder down underneath the other super (the one with brood) as well to prevent the queen from laying additional eggs in the supers.  The existing brood should hopefully be hatched by the time of extraction.

Hodgepodge: Nothing to report.

2013-08-16 15.39.44 Bee Inspect at Satellite Yard

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