Saturday, May 10, 2014

2013-08-13: *Posted after just a few months delay*

Satellite:   Slight bearding, foraging bees and a few of those have pollen

Hodgepodge: I realized that the super I had put into the hive is a Medium sized but the frames are shallow, thus leaving a gap. I could not tell if any of them had more honey (about 2/3rd full).
    -Drone frame, honey, no drones.
    -Sugar roll a sample of bees for a mite count
    -Sugar dusted the hive.

Goldenrod: Not much seems to be going into the supers.  One is about half full and the other is still foundation.
    -Drone has brood, should be pulled next week.
    -Had spotty brood on other frames, but perhaps a consequence of honey in many of the cells.
    -Did the sugar roll to count mites.
    -Sugar dusted.

Home yard:
    -Added the frames from Green Nuc to Yellow.  Yellow nuc had bees and brood.  Don't seem to be exploding yet.

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